The Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation has been organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote the performing arts and to encourage cultural, artistic, and intellectual activities for the benefit and enjoyment of all citizens.

It is the mission of the Foundation to attract national artists in the performing theater arts; develop and promote excellence in the performing arts in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and other identified geographic areas; provide art-related education and programming opportunities through collaborative efforts; and provide a setting for programs that enhance the cultural and intellectual growth of the community.

The Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation will focus primarily on, but not limited to, stage and radio productions of historical figures. Whenever possible, these theatrical productions will be from original material.

This not-for-profit performing arts foundation (and recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization) produces meaningful, historically accurate, and entertaining plays that generate high interest in the general public and to specific groups like students and other such groups.

In today’s tough economic times, it is difficult to find commercial producers willing to fund historical plays. The Brown Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation secures that special funding and the numerous venues in which these historical plays can be produced.

The founders, Steve Brown and Mike Ullstrup, have been bringing original and adapted works to the radio and stage for over seven years. Winning several awards, including from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and the Wisconsin Bar Association, BrownUllstrup works provoke, compel, and challenge the audience – and sometimes just make them laugh out loud.

They bring together performances that are well written, well cast, and well managed. Historical events are thoroughly researched. Marketing and sales plans are focused, specific, cost-efficient, and effective. Sound effects creation and editing are the finishing touch to their successful performances. They do their best to be responsive to and flexible with everyone to make sure that the best productions using the best people are presented to audiences as works best for them.

Always looking to extend their reach to new audiences, Steve and Mike invite you to peruse their website and contact them about any questions that you might have.
The WGTD Radio Theater!

On Saturday, June 13th, 2015 at the Geneva Lake Museum in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the Kane Shadow, a.k.a, Orson Welles, returns with the WGTD Radio Theater to solve a mystery from the speak-easy days of the Roaring 20's.  Exactly what happened at the Baker House?

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